Pawel Korbus


Paweł Korbus is a visual artist, a performer, an author of video works and installations, an actor. He combines techniques of working with body, voice and various media from the field of visual arts. Interested in corporality and body under the influences and pressures of culture, experiences and emotions, mental sphere in a state of uncertainty, the suspension in a situation of conflicting needs and a subject to cultural disciplines. The artist crosses geographical and social distances. He enters relations and tests his behavior in situations of being a stranger. Korbus is a graduate of Art Education at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Art at Maria Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin, and also a scholarship holder of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program 2016, and Art Scholarship of President of City of Lublin 2017. He performed on many internationals festivals like egz. Performance Platform Lublin 2009 Poland, Performance Month Berlin 2014, Supermarket Independent Art Fair Stockholm, Bruno Schulz Festival Drohobych - Ukraina, Bedesten Festival Antioch, Turkey, Forgetting/Remembering Performance Art Meeting Istanbul Turkey 2017.
selected artistic work 2017:
‘Places, Not-Places’ - implementation of the scholarship project, scholarship of the Mayor of Lublin, 2017, curator Paulina Kempisty

  • No title - (Azrael) installation on the former military training ground, Lublin 2017, project "Places, NonPlaces", curator Paulina Kempisty
  • "What is this place" videoperformance - Lublin 2017, project Places, Non-Places", curator Paulina Kempisty
  • "Futuristic performance with robots" performance in the old tannery building, Lublin 2017 - project Places,
    Non-Places", curator Paulina Kempisty
  • "Like this or totally else", Bkz.Amok Performance Art Meeting, Antakya, Turkey, 2017, curator Emrah
  • ‘On The Way - Random Coincidence or Few Story of Misunderstanding’ performance, Gallery Mixer, Istambul Performance Art, Istanbul, 2017, curator Derin Pinar Gencer
  • Lethe – I’ll try to forget’ "Unutmak" (forgetting) International Performance Meeting, Self-Service Art in
    collaboration with Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2017, curator Derin Pinar Gencer
  • ‘Relocation’ performance, Present Performance Festival Gdańsk-Brzeźno, 2017, curator Marta Bosowska
  • ‘Didaskalia’ group exhibition, Open Studio Association Lublin, Art Gallery of Castlel - Museum of Lublin, Lublin 2017, curator Izabela Bartkowiak
  • ‘Пра Каханне /About love’ exhibition project, Gallery «Ў», Minsk, Belarus, 2017 curator Marina Dashuk
  • ‘about love' project presentation - group performance, International Theater Confrontation Festival, Lublin,
    2017, curators, Marta Keil, Grzegorz Reske
    recent artistic work:
    ‘Things That Belongs to No One’ solo exhibition , Labirynth Gallery , Lublin, Poland, 2016
    ‘Magnetic Lazaret’ installation – Biała Gallery, Lublin, Poland, 2016
    ‘ID Infuence Diagram” – sculpture, action in public space, Banska Bystrica, Slovakya, 2016
    ‘How To Get Red’ performance, Banska Bystrica , Slovakya, 2016
    ‘You Are an Artist‘ performance, Stockholm Independent Art Fair 2016, Sweden 2016
    'About LOVE' group performance and research project, Art Factory Łodz, 2014
    'Manhattan' installation, group exhibition “Łódz create” Manhattan Gallery, Łódz 2014
    'Ich habe Reisefieber but who cares?' Performance, Month of Performance Art Festival, Berlin, 2014
    'Weird, performance for a space' performance, Bruno Schutz Festval, Drohobych, Ukraine 2014
    'Silent before a storm' videoinstalation, group exhibition “Przemienienie”, Night of Culture Festival, Lublin 2014
    'Miłosc' (Love) light installation in a public space, Night of Culture Festival, Lublin 2014
    'Miłosc' (Love) light installation in a public space Neurony Lustrzane Gallery, Warsaw, 2014
    'EXERCISES WITH IDENTIFICATION' series of works in “Nie ja / Not I” group exhibition, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice, 2014
    'I could vanish in the darkness easily but it's not about that' performance, Pracownia/Nomadic Art Festival, In
    Situ Foundation , Warsaw 2014
    'Cekmece Group' art residence, Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery, Ustka,2014
    'Art vs. everything else' performance, Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery, Ustka,2013
    'Wszedodomni' art/educations project with homeless, Art Factory, Łódz, 2013
    'Home/Avatar/Translocation' solo exhibition, Art Factory, Łódz, 2013
    'memory of body/memory of emptiness' art/educations projest with seniors, Art Factory, Łódz 2013
    'death.stones.home' performance, Near East Association, Lublin, 2012
    'Station de Corps' theatre performance, Maat Project Theatre, 2012
    'The 2012.Year' leading a group performance with Korniag Theatre, Łódz – Minsk, 2012
    'Bedesten' art residency, Agusad Contemporary Art Center, Antakya, Turkey 2012
    'Bedesten' performance, Depo Gallery, Istambul, Turkey, 2012
    'Body performans' Conexts International Sokolovsko Festival of Ephemeral Art 2012
    ''Niestad' (choreography, stage design, actor), Teatr Boczny, Lublin 2011
    'Nothing' (exhibition, performance), Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Słupsk 2011
    'Body'(exhibition), Lipowa 14 Gallery, Transeuropa Festival, LTZSP, Lublin 2011
    'I prefer not' (performance), Manhattan Gallery, Lodz 2011
    'Notation 1. Indeterminate' (performance) Beautiful Lies 4th Festival, Warsaw Unviersity Library Gardens, XXI
    Gallery, Warsaw 2011
    'Chorea/Proving ground of the body and circumstances' (exhibition), Fabryka Sztuki, Lodz 2010
    'Scream if you wanna faster, higher, deeper' (performance actions, result of 'Art Worm' workshops) – Lublin,
    Ustka, Lodz 2009- 2010
    'action continuation' (performance), Performance Platform Festival Lublin 2009
    'I can not fall asleep art, I can not wake up art', Masovian Artists Festival Rise of Art, Radom 2008
    'Time Line' (performance) Minifestival – Zbigniew Warpechowski Benefit Performance, BWA, Sandomierz 2008
    numerous performances as an actor, also stage and visual designer - Theatre Association Chorea – in Poland,
    UK, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, India, Russia

tel. 0048 602117165


  • performance
  • action
  • body art
  • instalation
  • video
  • thatre


  • performance
  • video
  • body art
  • action
  • instalation