Pawel Korbus


Paweł Korbus Born in 1983 in Świdnik, Poland. Studied sculpture at Fine Arts Department of Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (2002-2007); he works with installations, film, sculpture and performance; active member and actor of Theater Association Chorea, based in Łódź, Poland. (; also involved in neTTheatre, where he performed but also worked as a stage, visual and costume designer (
He led many workshops mostly focused on performance, phisical theatre, body and voice integration, e.g.:
 'Body, Phisical Theater, Performance' – workshops of perfomative use of the body, Transeurope Festival in Lublin 2011
 'Workshops of Stutter '– the stutter as a method of integration body and voice – Gallery BWA in Sandomierz, Arts Factory in Łódź, Contestations Festival in Lublin, 2009-2011
 'Art Worm' – performance workshops and actions in public space in Łódź, Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin, 2009-2010
Selected, recent artistic work:
 'Niestąd' (choreography, stage design, actor), Teatr Boczny, Lublin 2011
 'Nothing' (exhibition, performance), Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Słupsk 2011
 'Body'(exhibition), Lipowa 14 Gallery, Transeuropa Festival, LTZSP, Lublin 2011
 'I prefer not' (performance), Manhattan Gallery, Lodz 2011
 'Notation 1. Indeterminate' (performance) Beautiful Lies 4th Festival, Warsaw Unviersity Library Gardens, XXI Gallery, Warsaw 2011
 'picture/words/music' (concert/audiovisual performance), Lublin, Krakow, Lodz, Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid 2009-2011
 'Chorea/Proving ground of the body and circumstances' (exhibition), Fabryka Sztuki, Lodz 2010
 'Scream if you wanna faster, higher, deeper' (performance actions, result of 'Art Worm' workshops) – Lublin, Ustka, Lodz 2009- 2010
 'action continuation' (performance), Performance Platform Festival Lublin 2009
 'I can not fall asleep art, I can not wake up art', Masovian Artists Festival Rise of Art, Radom 2008
 'Time Line' (performance) Minifestival – Zbigniew Warpechowski Benefit Performance, BWA, Sandomierz 2008
 numerous performances as an actor, also stage and visual designer - Theatre Association Chorea – in Poland, UK, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, India, Russia 2003-2012
2008 – Honorable Mention in the International Contest 'Self-portrait'
2006 – Arts Scholarship of the Marshal of Lublin Region
2006 – Award in Short-film Festival Theoneminutes – Polish Edition

Artist statement
I am intrested in the issue of corporeality surrended by opposing forces, which is an area of different cultural influences, experiences, emotions and uncouncious possibilities. In my works I investigate the relation between the rules of self-restraint and negation of the body and the rule of pleasure. The body is suspended among contradictory needs and subjected to cultral discipline. It exists in the state of uncertainity towards oneself. On the one hand it feels its fragility, imperfection and on the other hand it undegoes fascination of perception, sensual capabilities and sexuality. My following artistic actions and creations tend to provoke unusual situations and unexpected images, they are attempt to accustom to otherness, to find the sense of security in space, which is subjected to rules, principles and social code.


  • performance
  • action
  • body art
  • instalation
  • video
  • thatre


  • performance
  • video
  • body art
  • action
  • instalation